Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frosting Couture items FEATURED in SMALL Magazine!!!!

I am over the moon!!!
I have known for sometime now that it was coming, but the Winter issue of SMALL Magazine came out today finally!!!
I am in a spread called "YUM!" that features adorable childrens winter hats. 2 of frosting's were featured-

The "I Feel Pretty" Hat in Aqua
The "ROXIE" Hat with big Bow

I am a HUGE fan of the online mag and cannot believe that they asked me to be in a spread. This issue also features a lovely storybook style spread with paintings by fellow etsyian artist the black apple - CONGRATS!

Check it out! SMALL MAGAZINE


BelleBabies said...


olivefarm said...

Wow! good for you =) your work is amazing and really deserves the exposure.

Abbigail said...

I love small mag too! That is so great! Congrats. I really want to order a hat for my little one, and maybe myself!

xoxo, frostingcouture said...

Thank you ALL so much!!

Aurelia and Annalise said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Frosting Couture!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Naturally, I came over to your blog as well and I love it!

Congrats on your feature in Small Magazine. I'm sure it will bring you lots of business :)


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