Friday, November 14, 2008

iFickle iPickle!

I am in LOVE! Love Love LOVE with a new phone! again you say? I know, I know I just recently raved about the LG Vue... Until IPHONE came my way. This phone could seriously be the best thing thats ever happened in my life 2nd only to my husband and peppermint bon bon.
I traded the poor little VU in after one encounter with the IPhone. I have had it for a week now and It is literally glued to me. I cant put it down! So many games, Youtube, ALL of my ITunes library(which is HUGE), GPS, and loads health,fitness,fun,entertainment & educational applications. I even downloaded a copy of "Persuasion"!! need I say more??? If you have never tried this thing out for yourself you have to go to the Apple store and give the demo phone a will be HOOKED!

Caution: Can cause jealousy in Husbands, friends, and anyone else your not paying attention to while using:)

Here's an adorable Knit IPhone i found while searching for a photo on google. The author had his mother knit one so his kid wouldnt want to play with the real thing. hehee! The post even has a instructions on how to knit one for your kiddo:)

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