Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My new favorite store.

My new favorite store is HomeGoods. Its a spin off of the tj maxx stores I think. But with all "Home Goods" :) They have the coolest brandname glasswear and dishes, beautiful comforters, rugs, even gourmet packaged food, and accessories for your home for 30% - 70% off the retail value!! I am IN LOVE!

This little loveseat is there right now. If it matched anything in my apartment, I would buy it and figure out someway to sneak it in!
The hubby would never notice right?


Solanah said...

That store is great, I cant wait to shop there, once I saw a vintage style mint colored fridge and nealy squeeled.

That set is beautiful! I say redecorate :)

xoxo, frostingcouture said...


Corri Catherine said...

I LOVE that place! I recently decorated basically my whole apartment from there! They have everything you can imagine, and such good prices!! It is addicting once you start shopping there. :)


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