Saturday, October 18, 2008

The LUXE Life...

I saw "The Duchess" with a good friend last night and I am obsessed with the costumes!! I love the materials and all the intricate details that went into the clothing. I wouldn't want to dress like that everyday. I mean the corsets alone are killer! But the over the top hair and makeup and costume are so awesome, it would just be fun every once in a while...
Keira Knightly did an amazing job. I am usually so irritated by her incessant lip-pouting that I cant pay attention to what she is saying LOL. But I was really impressed. Lots of emotion and heartbreak and Ralph Finnes(although a bit creepy in this role)... need I say more?

So of course I was filled with inspiration, So I am so glad to finally be increasing my line of Luxury Booties for baby in my shop!


The Duchess
and Vanity Fair

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