Thursday, December 4, 2008


The Wii FIT should be high up on gift lists this year. Its my new obsession!! We bought it about two weeks ago and I use it everyday! It has the cutest little motivators and personal trainers to keep you going. Lots of good tips and It seems to accurately measure weight and BMI.
I have been working out for years so i was a little sceptical at first as to whether I could get a good workout with the use of Wii Fit and Wii Sports. But using them both together, and R E A L L Y getting into it (not just making slight moves of the wrist on the couch LOL) I actually have been breaking a sweat! The games are really fun for playing with my husband. It doesnt even feel like exercise we are having so much fun!
Our latest game to tryout is boxing. We made our little Mii's (cartoon self) and boxed it out for a half hour the other night. I kicked his butt!! haha!
I even took photos of the win for bragging rights;)

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Corri said...

I don't have one but really want one!! Maybe after Christmas with some of the money I get I'll have to go buy one!!! :)


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