Sunday, December 14, 2008

One of my dreams come true!

I have been working my little fingers to the bone lately and am happy to announce that Frosting Couture booties are now available in 2 very Cool LOCAL SHOPS!!!!!
I have sold bulk orders to many lovely shops around the country and in the UK, But going Local has always been a big dream of mine so I am extremely excited about these opportunities!!

Bebe Babble in Edina

and A.Michele Boutique in St Paul
(store pics soon!)

here's some of the little cuties that went out...


BelleBabies said...

Very cool, congratulations!

olivefarm said...

well done =) much deserved!

Corri Catherine said...

Very Cute!! Congrats and Good luck with everything.

Hana said...

That's great! I just started selling my baby goods locally too. It's so exciting to walk into a boutique and see your own stuff displayed! Congrats! I actually own the little pale green w/ gold bow pair! My daughter looks so cute in them!


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