Friday, January 30, 2009

MPLS St Paul Magazine!!!

Yaaaayy! I am freaking out! I was in line at the grocery store earlier looking at magazines and I realized the New MPLS/St Paul Magazine was out!! About a month ago I did an interview with one of the editors and about 2 weeks later I did a little photoshoot.
The Article is under the Lifestyle section of the magazine in an article called "People who do cool things". This is an awesome feature spot for local store owners or artists. I did the interview but had no idea what the finished article looked like. The pictures turned out beautiful thanks to the photographer Stephanie, and Amy at A.Michele Boutique for letting us use your location!! and the article itself is amazing. Everything that was written was PERFECT!! I LOVE how it turned out and i thank everyone I worked with especially the super cool assistant editor, Abby for making it so wonderful!!


BelleBabies said...

Congrats mama, that's awesome!

xoxo, frostingcouture said...

Thank you!!

Leah said...

Congratulations, I love your creations!


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