Friday, February 27, 2009

Get GORGEOUS in 2009!

If you havent noticed in the shop as of yet, I have caught a serious case of spring fever! Its driving me crazy. (especially since we have received like 10 inches of snow in the last two weeks - argh!) All I can think about is green grass, and pretty flowers, and BLUE skies!

The result is a brand new line of Luxe Accessories! You know I love my headbands, so I just decided to take them one step further.
You cant help but feel absolutely gorgeous in these!


olivefarm said...

L.O.V.E it!! this has inspired me to try and create some flowers of my own. Oh how do you do it? haha

Anonymous said...

BEautiful!!!!I love,love,love this flowers and you choice of color!!!!

PuppyDogsNPolkaDots said...

Vey Cute Items!! I am in Florida, 90 degrees today, green grass, wishing I was somewhere with snow!!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!
Its a shame that you keep being copied by the SAME person.
She clearly has no shame or orginality.
keep up the good work!

rawcogs said...

The third one is facken beatiful man!

FAPORT International said...

Very nice flowers!! i like your blog very much, great job keep it up:-)


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