Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suave Professionals Almond Shea Shea Butter Conditioner - My Favorite Things...

It's getting cooler out there and that means DRY hair is on the horizon! If you are looking for a cheaper conditioner that is chock full of moisture look no further than:

Suave Professionals Almond Shea Shea Butter Conditioner

The Claim: This moisturizing conditioner is infused with 100% natural almond & shea butter, which are known for their rich smollients. It replenishes lost moisture leaving your hair well-nourished & beautiful.

And it's worth a try at only $1.97 a bottle at Target stores!!

My curly hair LOVES this stuff! It can't get enough. I am on my 3rd bottle since the summer started. I definitely think it compares to the Aveda brand. It smells yummy, a little sugary/fruity but a very light scent. It is even light enought to leave a little in as a leave-in conditioner after washing. Doesnt seem to leave any build up either, which can be a problem in my fine curly hair.

The shampoo has the same nice smell, but I did not like it for regular use in my curls.

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