Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Custom CUTIES!

One of my favorite things to do is custom orders. I love taking someones idea and creatively making it come alive. Alot of what people ask for is just custom color combinations, which is really fun to see one of my creations in someone elses vision. And everyonce in a while I will have requests for totally unique things. I am so honored that people like my stuff enough to let me create something for them from scratch, that they have never seen before they purchase. Its AWESOME! And it keeps my creative fires burning, so thats good too:) So far these are my 3 favorite Custom Cuties and orders that I have had to date.

A Personalized Tiara (this will be available in the shop shortly! Also Numbers!)

Mommy & Baby Matching Shoes (size 7 1/2 & Baby size 7 toddlers)

CUTEST ORDER EVER!! All 0-3 Babies! They look like little cupcakes in a window. SO YUMMY!


Aurelia and Annalise said...

OMG. adorable!

Aurelia and Annalise said...

WOW what a background!!! pretty!!!
and I love the Blur on your music:)

Lush Pot said...

*gasp* Matching mommy shoes?!?!?!?! SWEET!!!! You need to put those up in your shop! I have been drooling over the leopard booties I bought for a baby shower and I keep saying how much I would love some in my size!!! And now lookie...YAY!!! I will definitely have to custom order some for me! Now to wait for pay day....

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks LushPot!!

Aurelia- THanks!! yep. Could'nt leave out good ol Blur:)


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